Development Update

We’re happy to report that we have completed sprint 1 on schedule—basic burn & mint functionality. Sprint 1 included:

  • Burn $NUMA to mint either $nuUSD or $nuBTC

  • Burn either $nuUSD or $nuBTC to mint $NUMA

  • 0.2% fee for any minting transaction, whether minting nu money or $NUMA

We’re now moving into development of sprint 2—arbitrage functionality. Sprint 2 provides users the ability to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities through our user interface. Sprint 2 will take approximately two weeks for development and two weeks for testing. We expect to finish this sprint the week of 12/18. The functionality includes:

  • To bring the price down: ETH > NUMA > nuUSD > ETH

  • To bring the price up: ETH > nuUSD > NUMA > ETH

Additionally, in our commitment to transparency, we have made our GitHub repositories public, so our community can follow along with our development. Our GitHub repo contains our backend and frontend development. The repo can be found here:

Lastly, we are finishing up our integration with Transfer, as we work to perfect our user experience and make buying $NUMA as easy as possible. As mentioned, this widget will allow users to buy $NUMA from any supported EVM chain and with any supported token or coin as an input—bridging and buying, all in one transaction. We’ve shared a quick demo of what to expect in our Telegram group, so feel free to jump in and check that out. It is a work-in-progress at this time, though it is close to what will eventually be delivered. We’re very happy with how this has matured and are grateful for our relationship with Transfer. We expect this to be completed sometime next week.

Liquid staking

As we’ve mentioned in our Telegram group, the numa protocol will undergo some changes to take advantage of ETH liquid staking rewards. These staking rewards will be paid out as sustainable yield to stakers of any nu money. We’re finalizing the details on how this works, and we will have a dedicated announcement with more details later this week.


In light of our new liquid staking development, we delayed our first AMA by a couple weeks to allow for questions from the community. We will be sharing a Google Form for submitting questions and giving away 200 $NUMA to the three best questions, as chosen by the team. First AMA date TBA.

As always, if you have any questions, we hope you jump in our Telegram group and join our community.

Development Update & AMA

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© 2024 numa. All rights reserved.

CA: 0x7FB7EDe54259Cb3D4E1EaF230C7e2b1FfC951E9A

© 2024 numa. All rights reserved.

CA: 0x7FB7EDe54259Cb3D4E1EaF230C7e2b1FfC951E9A