Token launch on 10/14 on SushiSwap

Greetings, numans! And welcome to token launch week! The $NUMA token will be listing on 10/14 on SushiSwap: we are expecting sometime during the morning, Pacific Time. We will notify our community on X when the trading pair is live.

As mentioned before, we had a successful presale, during which we raised 122 ETH: all of these funds will be added to the LP on SushiSwap. The presale price was 11¢, and our public listing will be the same price. In order to achieve this, we will have to put in less than 2m $NUMA into the pool. The exact amount will be determined at the time of listing, and the community will help decide what happens to the remainder of these tokens.

The token address is: 0x7FB7EDe54259Cb3D4E1EaF230C7e2b1FfC951E9A.

Contest winners

In preparation for launch week and to help build our presence on X (Twitter), we ran a meme contest over the past two weeks. We've already announced the winner for the first week and awarded their prize. As for the second week of the contest, the favorite meme chosen by our team and our community was submitted by @HjRomli5; please DM Drew on Telegram to claim your 1,000 $NUMA. And the prize of 2,000 $NUMA for the meme with the most engagement was won by @Radarekt; again, please DM Drew on Telegram to claim your prize. Thank you to everyone who participated!

New contest

Now that we are closing in on the public token launch, we are again looking to our community's help to spread the word about the benefits of the numa protocol. As such, we are running another contest on X; however, this time, we are looking to our community to help explain the numa protocol more specifically—whether through a thread on X, a blog post, video, etc. The content can be created on any platform, but in order to enter the contest, you must share your creation on X. Again, the team will chose their top three favorite entries, and then the community will vote for their favorite on X. This contest will run until 7AM PT on Saturday, 10/14—just before the token launch. The winner of this contest will earn 1,000 $NUMA.

Feel free to write or discuss whatever aspects of the numa protocol you wish, but here are some ideas:

  1. What are you personally most excited about in regards to the numa protocol? What do you find most compelling?

  2. How does numa differ from other synthetics protocols? How is numa unique?

  3. Explain how the burn/mint tokenomics collateralize nu money on-chain

  4. What is the function of the flex fee?

  5. Explain the benefits of synthetic swaps

  6. What are some interesting use cases for nu money?

  7. How is numa different from Luna?

  8. What types of partnerships do you think would benefit numa?

After creating your content, make sure to share it on X—whether you created it on the platform or somewhere else—and make sure to include the cashtag $NUMA and the hashtag #numatokenlaunch. We will share the winner on Monday, 10/16.

Development update

We've come a long way in building out our brand and documentation, and we're excited to get started on building the actual protocol. Over the past few weeks, we've shared a couple screenshots of our progress in designing and developing the frontend/UI of our web app. Over the next few weeks, we will be continuing to build this out, and we will be sharing a prototype with our community. In accordance with our founding principles, we will actively seek feedback and input from our community to help perfect our product: as our users, your feedback is immensely valuable. We will continue to be as transparent as possible throughout our development process.

We have also begun building the backend aspects of the protocol, and in the coming weeks we will provide a rough development schedule with milestones for our community to track.

Intro videos

Lastly—aside from our community—we believe our team is our most valuable asset, and we want everyone to get to know us a bit better. Throughout launch week, we will be posting some short video clips on X for some of our team members to explain what makes them excited about the numa protocol. Keep an eye out for these and come chat with us in our Telegram group!

Welcome to token launch week!

© 2024 numa. All rights reserved.

CA: 0x7FB7EDe54259Cb3D4E1EaF230C7e2b1FfC951E9A

© 2024 numa. All rights reserved.

CA: 0x7FB7EDe54259Cb3D4E1EaF230C7e2b1FfC951E9A

© 2024 numa. All rights reserved.

CA: 0x7FB7EDe54259Cb3D4E1EaF230C7e2b1FfC951E9A